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Paula Rindborg is a visual artist and designer born in 1974. Since her youth she has been involved in different forms of artistic expression, which would later come to lead to her studies in art, design, literature, among others, in a number of universities, institutions and ateliers in Brazil, Sweden, Ecuador and France. In the past 20 years, she has dedicated herself to producing, developing and exhibiting her work in various places. Currently, her atelier is located in Stockholm, where she works with both art and design. She is a member of a number of artists’ organisation, such as: KRO (The National Organisation of Swedish Artists) and Svenska Konstnärsförbundet (Swedish Artist Association).


Words from the artist about her work:

"In my artwork, I try to find the balance between colours, textures, and impatient movements, which perhaps reflects, in a somewhat subjective manner, a piece of me. In my non abstract pieces, the preoccupation with the object becomes almost secondary. Not only is the piece as a whole, vital to me, but every individual smaller entity and its context in the grand scheme of the piece as well. My passion for the details of my work and the possibilities for the interpretations between “the lines” of the matter, is what I strive to have in the essence of my works. Thus, I am always in search of different mediums for creation, without ever losing what I believe to be my artistic identity."


1992-1997 Federal University of Rio de Janeiro - BA, Literature and Language  - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

2001 Federal University of Rio de Janeiro - COPPEAD - MBA in Marketing - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

2010-2012 Stockholm University - Master in Literature (incompleted) - Stockholm

2012 University of Borås - Design Courses - Borås, Sweden

2014 Stockholm University - Art Theory Courses - Stockholm

1999 Medborgarskolan - Course: Painting, Stockholm

1999 Folkuniversitetet - Course: Sculpture - Stockholm, Sweden

2003  Parque Lage School of Visual Arts - Art Course - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

2004 Folkuniversitetet - Course: Shape and color - Stockholm

2005 Studiefrämjandet - Graphic Design - Stockholm

2009 Medborgarskolan - Interior Design - Stockholm

2019 Fotografiska Museum - Course: Photography 1 - Stockholm



Apprentice in the studio of:

Luiz Mancheno (Quito, Ecuador - 1998-1999)  

Angela Oliveira (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - 2003)

Ricardo Frazão (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - 2004 / 2007)

Micht Waite (La Colle sur Loup, France - 2006)

Artist in Residence:

Cité Internationale des Arts - Paris (Atelier Carina Ari - KRO) - July and August 2016

Kunstnerhuset Lofoten - Svolvær, Norway - May and June 2018


Britt Paus Foundation - 2017 

Book: IV Brazilian Annual of Arts - Roma Internacional Editora - 2005/2006

A:  Åsögatan 140, Södermalm - Stockholm


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